New Music : Russian Blood | 04.08.2017

Russian Blood from Sintra, Portugal has released several catchy tracks on their Soundcloud. Featured EPs recently released by Russian Blood include "Abandoned Nature", "Forgotten Places" and "Outcast Regions". Listen below:

Russian Blood: "Abandoned Nature", "Forgotten Places" and "Outcast Regions"

Russian Blood: "Abandoned Nature", "Forgotten Places" and "Outcast Regions"

Her Corrosion : Interviews | 04.08.2017

Her Corrosion continues to interview voices in the Modern Post-Punk & Goth Arts movement. Check out the interviews link in the menu to read about diverse musicians and artists from around the world involved in creating contemporary post-punk, goth and darkwave sounds.


New Release : Night Sins | 04.08.2017

Night Sins (duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US) has released their much anticipated third LP "Dancing Chrome" on Funeral Party Records. Funeral Party Records has released three of Night Sins' newest tracks on their bandcamp. Listen to songs "Crystal Blue", "Enamored and Nailed Shut" and "Daisy Chain" here: You can also can pre-order "Dancing Chrome" before it is released on April 21, 2017.

Night Sins: Dancing Chrome

Night Sins: Dancing Chrome

New Music : Sindicato Vertical | 04.08.2017

Sindicato Vertical is from Alicante, Spain and they have just released three tracks-- "Surf Lines", "Every Day is Like Sunday" and "Decay Fun".Listen to Sindicato Vertical's new music here- 

Sindicato Vertical

Sindicato Vertical

New Music : Tanks and Tears | 03.26.2017

Tanks and Tears from Prato, Italy have a new released called "Aware". This trio has an 80's atmospheric sound which can be heard below. "Aware" is now available through Swiss Dark Knights and here:

Desde México | 03.19.2017

Post-punk, Coldwave, Gothic rock, Minimal mix of bands from México by Yami Spechie. More Info here:

New Music from Índice de Inviernos | 03.09.2017

Índice de Inviernos is a solo Post-Punk, Coldwave project from Málaga in Spain. "Caer" can be heard below and you can also listen to more of Índice de Inviernos here:

Slimy Member LP Premiere | 03.09.2017

Slimy Member, Anarcho/Dark Punk from Texas, is set to release their first LP "Ugly Songs for Ugly People" and it just got premiered on Ugly Songs for Ugly People is being released by Drunken Sailor Records and Occult Whispers Records. Link with review and music here:

Slimy Member - Ugly Songs for Ugly People

Slimy Member - Ugly Songs for Ugly People

CVLT Nation Sessions | 03.09.2017

CVLT Nation turned 6 years old on 03.08.2017...and they released the highly anticipate THE CURE – PORNOGRAPHY: THE CVLT NATION Sessions! Eight bands in the post-punk & darkwave scene were selected to cover a track off the legendary Pornography album which is now available for a FREE download here:

New Release from Sixth June | 03.09.2017

Sixth June, dark electro from Berlin, released their new album titled "Virgo Rising" in February. If you've experienced June Sixth, this album is everything you've been waiting for. Listen on their bandcamp-

Sixth June - Virgo Rising

Sixth June - Virgo Rising

Sixth June

Sixth June

New Music from Spirit Host | 03.09.2017

Spirit Host from Portland, OR has released a new (unmastered) song called "Velo Negro". Spirit Host will be partaking in Post-Punk/Darkwave festival Out From The Shadows Fest III in Portland taking place April 6-9 & hosted by XRAY's Songs From Under the Floorboard radio show and Soundcontrol PDX .

International Women's Day | 03.08.2017

International Women's Day is celebrated & honoured on a world-wide level. Women are increasingly prominent in the Post-Punk & Goth scene we are currently witnessing which is vital and resonating. Dj Jose Frances (USA) & Dark Dance Radio compiled a mix of 34 amazing & current Post-Punk, Goth & Darkwave women-fronted bands for an International Women's Day edition. Listen here- & dark dance to this and for time to come!

International Women's Day mix by Dj Jose Frances

International Women's Day mix by Dj Jose Frances

Announcement | 03.08.2017

Her Corrosion is a platform for Modern Post-Punk & Goth Arts which gives way to contemporary bands and artists in the realms of Post-Punk, Goth, Darkwave, Cold wave, New wave, Minimal, Industrial, Anarcho & Dark Punk. The blog on Her Corrosion is periodically updated with new music, bands, events, relevant news, items for shop, interviews, music mixes, etc. Open to submissions to any of the aforementioned-- submit under the Contact link or to

Featured band: The Red Ashes | 03.07.2017

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, The Red Ashes is a 3-piece Batcave influenced Gothic Rock band that will be releasing their E.P. this year. Listen to their music here:

Featured band: Joy Must Remain | 03.07.2017

Joy Must Remain is a euphoric, goth-esque ban from Los Angeles, CA / San Bernardino, CA, USA. Joy must Remain is currently recording for a new single to be released this June. Their latest release, "A Place for People Like Us" can be heard here:

Featured band: Soggy Creep | 03.07.2017

Soggy Creep is bleak, dark punk from Olympia, Washington has a new release out called "Shallow Drownings". Soggy Creep's "Shallow Drownings" was recently chosen as a Bandcamp Album of the Day in February. Read their review here:  "Shallow Drownings" is out now and available for listen/purchase here:

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Her Corrosion | A Collection of Interviews

Just released! A Collection of Interviews: Women in Modern Post-Punk & Goth Arts is now available under the "Interviews" tab or click on the image below for a description of the collection. Read a series of short interviews introducing prominent voices of women in current, worldwide post-punk, darkwave and goth music and art.

Featured band: Malefixio | 2.16.2017

Malefixio is a new Deathrock & Goth band from Barcelona, Spain and they just released their 2-track demo this week. Malefixio is Eva Stardust (Vocals), Jordi Nozin (Guitar) & Mauricio (Bass) Their two tracks "Ritval" and "Todos Somos Uno" are available on their bandcamp. Link here:

Interview: Qual | 2.15.2017

Author & DJ Andi Harriman interviewed William Maybelline of Qual for his new twelve-inch EP, Cupio Dissolvi, released on AVANT! Records. William Maybelline, also of Lebanon Hanover, delves into his dark techno and industial side with this new release.

Link here to read the interview:

Featured band: Echo People | 2.15.2017

Echo People (Copenhagen, Denmark/Members of MOTH and Kold Front) released their latest demo E.P., "E.P. II" on their Bandcamp this week. "E.P. II" will be released by Funeral TAPES and Rusted Teeth in the near future along with their previous release "E.P. I". Check out this link to their Bandcamp to listen to their new tracks!:

Echo People live

Echo People live

Echo People

Echo People

Featured band: LUST ERA | 2.15.2017

LUST ERA (San Juan, Puerto Rico) just released a new single! "Hombre Imaginario" is a new wave & darkwave track and can be heard on Soundcloud at the link below. Lust Era will be making their way from Puerto Rico to the U.S. West Coast and Canada this spring. Check out their page on facebook at for tour dates and event information. 

Lust Era upcoming tour dates

Lust Era upcoming tour dates

Featured band: PAST | 2.9.2017

PAST (Warsaw, Poland) is a post-punk band with a cold and new wave sound. Their LP will be released this month in cooperation with Samuel Records (CZ), PHR Records (CZ), P.Trash (DE), Contraszt! rec.(DE), Stan Wright from Arctic Flowers (US)m and PAST (PL). Listen here:


New release: ANNEX - One Hundred Years (The Cure) | 2.8.2017

ANNEX from Texas has just released a cover of The Cure's "One Hundred Years" off the Pornography album. Recorded in April of 2016 and just released this month! Listen here:

Featured band: Frío y Vacío | 2.5.2017

Frío y Vacío is a new, experimental/post-punk 2 piece group from Mexico City formed by Sharon Aiza and Angel Kauff. Watch their new video below and listen to their 2 newly released tracks here:

Featured band: Lock Howl | 2.4.2017

Lock Howl is self-described as reverb-drenched gothic post-punk from Aberdeen, UK. Lock Howl is a one-man gothic/post-punk band based in Aberdeen, Scotland and takes influence from a wide range of artists such as Editors, Opeth, Beastmilk, Type O Negative, and Joy Division. Lock Howl's upcoming album, Pareidolia, contains 8 songs and is scheduled to be released on CD by Granite Factory Records in mid-February and on cassette by Occult Whispers Records at a later date. Listen here:

Featured band: Tumbas | 2.4.2017

Tumbas is a dark punk / post-punk band from Bogotá, Colombia. Their EP has been released on cassette by label Symphony of Destruction. Listen here:



Her Corrosion | 1.21.2017

Solidarity with Warriors for Justice & Equality | 1.21.2017

"It was trying to break down the stereotypes and it was the kind of thing where, for the first time, women were on a par and not seen as just objects." 
-Siouxsie Sioux

A Collection of Interviews: Women in Modern Post-Punk and Goth Arts | 1.14.2017

Interview Installation pt. I is a series of short interviews introducing prominent voices of women in current, worldwide post-punk, darkwave and goth music and art. Release Date: February 2017

Interview Installation pt. I | A Collection of Interviews: Women in Modern Post-Punk and Goth Arts

Interview Installation pt. I | A Collection of Interviews: Women in Modern Post-Punk and Goth Arts

Listen! | 1.14.2017 

Listen and download music for free on Her Corrosion. Currently accepting tracks, remixes and playlists at 

The Vanishing's Jessie Evans is a singer, songwriter and record producer. She was joined by Budgie of Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Creatures on a few of her personal recordings.

Singer/Songwriter Jessie Evans

Singer/Songwriter Jessie Evans

Her Corrosion | Modern Post-Punk & Goth Arts | 1.14.2017

News, art & music in the realms of modern post-punk and goth arts. Highlighting individuality and cultivated intentions to rekindle a nostalgic genre embraced and amplified by a new wave of darkwavers.