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Order your copy of Annex's second LP "Melu"! $15 includes shipping in the U.S. *Add $20 for shipping for any orders from Canada or Mexico.

"Hypnotic, psychedelics that captivate the mind, body and soul. Dreamlike visions are now a reality and all patterns of the dark shadows are within our inner dimensions. Release the energy inside of you and fall into the new light of Melu."

Listen to tracks from "Melu" here:

◆ All music and songs by ANNEX
◆ Recorded Summer 2017 at Matador Studios
◆ Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory
◆ Artwork by Bharata Danu from Bandung, Indonesia
◆ Released by Inflammable Material Records (EU), Adelante Discos (US) and Occult Whispers Records (US)

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All orders in EU and Asia are to place orders through INFLAMMABLEMATERIAL.BANDCAMP.COM

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